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GlueDevil Second Skin Rubber Spray (Silver) 400ml maxmotorsports

GlueDevil Second Skin Rubber Spray (Silver) 400ml

Part Number : SPRAY6849

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Product Features-

GlueDevil Second Skin Rubber Spray

This Is a synthetic rubber-based areosol that creates a colour custom base to most surfaces such as Metal, Wood, Glass, Pastic, Fabric and Rubber. It provides protection from moisture, acid, abrasions and extream weather conditions. Perfect for customizing your Vehicle and rims, and also instantly removable when trying a new look

  • Quick Drying, Flexible And Durable
  • Gives You Smooth Finish
  • Suitable For Interior And Exterior Applications
  • 400ml

NB- It is important to clean the valve & nozzle after use. Do this by turing can upside down and spray for 3 secs to prevent clogging. If valve clogs, pull off nozzle and and rince in solvent such as paint thinners.


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