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Mothers® Back To Black Bumper & Trim Care Mothers

Mothers® Back To Black Bumper & Trim Care

Part Number : 6112

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Product Features-
  • Mothers™ Back To Black is ideal for a variety of exterior hardware. It’s called Back To Black, but it works great on all colors of exterior trim. If it’s made of plastic or vinyl Back To Black will breath new life into it. Use Back To Black on molding, louvers, bumpers, window trim, skirts, seals, door handles, wiper arms and any exterior vinyl or plastic surfaces.
  • Back To Black cleans and reconditions the surface. So it not only changes or improves the way the effected area looks, but it alters the way it feels. Leaving it softer, smoother, and more supple with long lasting moisturisers. It easily removes white residues, yellowing, and that awful brownish appearance on sunburned trims. Back To Black does not leave behind a greasy residue that attracts dust and yellows over time, rather it revives that show-room quality sheen. •Mothers™ Back To Black has been formulated for ease of application and great durability – it won’t wash off with the first puddle you drive through. Feel free to retreat surfaces as often as you would like.
  • If you want to get or keep that classy sheen try Mothers™ Back To Black and enjoy a factory-new look for years to come.