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Powasol Bio San Fogger Vehicle Disinfectant (350ml)

Powasol Bio San Fogger Vehicle Disinfectant (350ml)

Part Number : BIOSANFG02

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Product Features-

Powasol Bio San Fogger Vehicle Disinfectant

With just the push of a button, Powasol Bio San Fogger will release a fine mist of disinfectant that will fill the cabin of the vehicle, sanitising and deodorising the interior of the vehicle.
This Product Does Contain 70% Alcohol.

Direction of Use:

  • Cover live electrical connections, computers and keep clear from naked flames
  • Allow the can to empty in full, keep the area sealed from ventilation for at least 20 minutes. If running an Aircon or Fan will assist with spreading the product on or in a surface area

Suitable For Cleaning

  • Mini Bus Taxi
  • 14 Seater Buses
  • 4 Seat Aeroplanes
  • Helicopters
  • 8 Square Meter Rooms
  • 6 Foot Containers And Offers